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I haven't posted in a long while, but I am now. So it's May 4th. I have a trip to Six Flags tomorrow. I am in band, not marching band. I hate that. So I am hoping it doesn't rain, so they don't cancel it. It has been raining in the mornings all week. I'm eating fruit gushers. Yeahh. I am sooo bored. I sent a gift to my friend. Blue dragon!!!!!!! Yeahhhh. Bye, I have to go do.....something. Seee ya.

Writer's Block: The Fifth Dimension

I would enter the Fey's realm.

Writer's Block: National Pi Day

How many digits of pi have you memorized?

computer's fixed

Hey, my computer's fixed. Yep, just hours later.

In School

Hey I'm in school and it is the end of the day. I kinda can't use my home computer. See people later.

Conspiracy Theory

Good food is a conspiracy theory from the government to lull the potential rebels of at least middle class into blankness. Evil.

A Poem. My ever so annoying Queries

Life seems cruel
whta if we had all the answers
and never had to work or fight for

What if one person
had everything they though to want
and gave that to everythings
what would we do?

We could write all day
but when we got frustrated
we'd use the power
what would be fair rules?

What if there was nothing
at all
can you imagine it?
I imagine a black void, not correct
people would always think too
concretely, what they see
can't ever be all abstract
as once being concrete, never complete abstraction
even I can't do this
it's rather impossible for humans
Frustration, I want to forget
this, don't you?

Writer's Block: Once Upon a Time

I suppose the Glass Hill fairytale is my favorite.

Writer's Block: Just Say No!

I currently can't think of one, but that doesn't mean anything.

Writer's Block: Back to the Future

I would go forward so I would know not to make mistakes. And so I don't have to wait for books. That would be awesome.