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Status of Longing

I would like a mocha vodka valium latte with whip cream...oh and make that with non-fat milk please.


  Hey people, it's 9:59 pm. I am awake and hungry. Watching tv. I am so bored. It's the vacation that is always so slow in coming. I do not have to wake up in the am time for a whole 9 days. Yay!!!!!! I want a cheese omelete and some cheesecake, also some coffee and tea, not to mention my candy. Yes, very hungry. I really want some cheesecake. Cheesecake. Cheesecake. Cheesecake. Cheesecake................................. CHEESECAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bye people. So, so very hungry. And annoyed that the sound on my computer still hasn't been fixed. Raaarg! See ya.


I am annoyed with the suprise me journal. It keeps going to russian journals! I'm learning but that doesn't mean I want to read it. Has this been happening to anyone else?

Writer's Block: Tossing and Turning

  This is gonna be hard. Here's one: I was in my secondary elementary school(3-5) and it was all different except the floors. The second floor had a fake tree in the middle of it and the computer lad was all weird on that floor too. It was a school for vampires. I was running around, trying to escape the vampires chasing me. I have no idea why. I think I had done something bad. I wasn't the evil one though. They were trying to push me into the sunlight. It was day for some reason. I was apparently stupid in that dream. So I kept running up one of the spiraling floor 2-3 staircases. There was a guy with me. Once again, not the weirdest dream, but the best I could think off. Just woke up again. Sleepy.

Writer's Block: The Meaning of Life

My life is a mixture of wandering, observing, thinking, judging, creating, and searching, though incomplete.

Yellop. Posting entry.

  • Judge Judy is awesome. Ha Ha idiots. You need better lawyers!!
  • Now Excerpt. I might make up a title. Getting papers.

Elapsed time:2 minutes
    June 18th
  It was seventh period, English. Anna sat in her chair, imagining ice cream that was almost melted with a tiny lump in the middle.
  Mr.Dez was sitting in his chair, spinning around while his students wrote about something melting.Not the best activity, but better than the other English teacher's idea. Which was to write about their favorite sports. Mr.Dez had almost spit out his coffee, trying to stifle a laugh. Of course, he thought, that teacher never had an imagination. 
   Anna had her eyes closed. The teacher noticed but didn't say anything. Anna could not be told what to do. The time he tried, Anna had raised her eyebrow. It made her pretty face look creepy. Mr.Dez then stumbled and the class laughed. Anna just sat there so, it seemed she did it and probably could do better. So, he didn't do anything.
  Of course, that argument was over Anna sitting properly. If she didn't do this assignment, he wouldn't give her a grade. Not a zero, just no grade. He really didn't want anymore nightmares. Anna had already given him one that made him wake up sweating. And shaking. But not remembering.
  Anna opened her eyes and scribbled something down. Cowardly teacher, she thought, being afraid of me. So weak, can't even stop his thoughts from broadcasting a fifteen-mile radius. He's due for a lesson.
Mr.Dez felt an energy emitting from his students. He looks up and Anna is staring at him. A scary smile lights her face. He looks around and it's as if life had paused. A guy in the third row was in the middle of picking his nose. A girl was texting someone. Probably the girl; behind her.
  Anna got up. His eyes flicked to her. He couldn't move. Anna was smiling.
    "So Mr.Dez, you are frozen. But you are here with me. So, you have no idea why I hate you. Me too. I don't hate you. I came here on buisness. You see, your great-grandmother cheated on her husband with my cousin Petya. Of course, when Petya found out, he was quite angry. So he came upon the king, asking his help in punishment. He agreed, and came upon her one day when she was in her garden planting marigolds with her great-grandson. My father the king told her what was about to happen. She begged forgiveness, offering anything. He chose her great-grandson, to be taken twenty years later. She aggreed, thinking it'd save herself. The king got angry. So he took her and did the spell on you. Now it is twenty years later, and here you are. Unwillingly brought into this, I'll give you a choice. 
  "Do you want to sacrifice yourself or do you want us to kill someone from your family, such as a daughter that will be born in two years, or your great-grandmother that is in my world, currently unaged, trapped. Your family will survive if you choose to die, not that you will."
  Mr.Dez was terrified. But he got angry when he heard the sneering assumption in Anna's conclusion. Not at her, of course, just the assumption.
  "Choose wisely. Learn from your great-grandmother's mistakes." Anna said suddenly. He glance up at her. Her face was expressionless.
  A part of what she said sank in. He was going to have a daughter in two years. How though, if he wasn't there? A lightbulb went off in his head."Anna, if I may call you so," she was a princess after all. She nods imperiously."I choose myself."
  Anna smiles. It wasn't a scary one anymore. She looked happy. As if a weight was lifted from her shoulders. It occured to him, that she wasn't really how she seemed. Just sad about this.
   But he had chosen right. So now, he wasn't a weak cowardly teacher, Anna thought."Mr.Dez, I think you learned from your mistakes, well your great-grandmother's mistakes. You'll live. Your daughter will live. Your great grandmother will be returned. Aged of course, but she won't remember anything. I'll leave you to explain it. And you won't remember either. Maybe you'll miss me. I think you'll feel an absence. Have a happy life, Jakob Dez."
  Anna disappears. Jakob smiles and mutters,"Thanks Anna," but then thought,Who's Anna?
  Th world was back in motion. He had a long life, a happy one. His first child, a girl, he named Anna. He had two more, twin boys, Jakob and James. His great-grandmother came out of a twenty year coma, making international news.
  But ever after that June 18th, he always felt an absence. He never had another nightmare. But woke occasionally wondering,Who's Anna?          

            For the rest of the book it is written in same person but followa James' and his sister Anna's adventures or whatever. I wonder what happened to Jakob Jr.?

House of Anubis and other stuff

  Hey I finally have something to write about but it's in my bedroom. And I'm watching House of Anubis. It's back bye.

A book that I want to buy now!!!!

  I want the Golden Lily to come out now!!!! I have to wait till JUNE 19TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They actually expect me to wait that long!!! Howwwww? WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! He he.
So, hey. Still being lazy about posting anything book-related or interesting. Probably because in the five books I'm writing(not trying to impress you), I pretty much want to delete the last 30 pages or perhaps the whole thing, in each.
  Who wants free coffe that you don't have to brew yourself, that is good and just how you like it? Yeah, well, me too. I will also take organic tea highly sugared with fake, fattening, sweet stuff (sugar and/or honey. Better be both).
  This sounds like I'm tired, but I'm not. Just really bored. Anyone accuses me of being tired, and you go to the gullitone(is that how you spell it?). Any ideas, comment.(24/7).
My facebook status will be as follows, or maybe one or all of these:

Karma is the universes way of letting you know that you just THOUGHT you got away with it...

Morning, thus we meet again. You know nobody likes you right? You and Monday are completely useless to me. Go away...shew...shew I say ;-P

I'm in one of those mornings moods that if you call me sunshine i will stab you with my waffle fork.

I am a ninja! *falls over nothing gets up* I'm still a ninja!

Everything happens for a reason..So remember the next time i reach over & hit you..It was for a good reason (:

Hi little spider! Cute little spider! Pretty little spider! Adorable little spider! Spider, you are so cool I want to pet you...with the BOTTOM OF MY SHOE!!!

Its bad when your kids ask you if you've had your first cup of coffee in the morning. Even worse when you say no and they back away slowly. They must know!!!

you think your demons are bad, take away my coffee and you'll figure out whose are more dangerous

thinks I shouldn't have had that 14th cup of coffee... I CAN'T EVEN BLINK ANYMORE!

would love to slap the happy out of a morning person

is sipping coffee and plotting world domination... Fear me!!!

I would like a mocha vodka valium latte with whip cream...oh and make that with non-fat milk please.

the darkest souls are the most beautiful flowers

is in the bath tub with their purple rubber duckies planning to take over the world with soap bubbles. . .HAHAHA I SOOOOOO EVIL!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!

heck yes my family is crazy. we have red heads, blonds, we are cruel and unusual. think about that before you make me mad or decide to run your mouth.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck then it could be a dragon doing a duck impersonation.

Now ending that barrage of statuses. There is a very bad backstory to that spider status. It's recent, though. Maybe I'll tell you sometime.


Yeah, hi whoever reads this. I am post-poning the excerpt or whatever it is. So, yeah. Bye! Play Rabbit Saves The World!!!! Spa-see-ba!(thank you). 

   Isn't this picture awesome? It's in my collection.

This is the url for game.