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Журнал Кофе Анны

This is not in russian. I wouldn't do that to you americans. I am one.

Jenna Blue Dashkov
4 December
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i'm a vegitarean
i'm evil. Nortorious Skeptical Sarcastic Devil Being (n.s.d.being)
hate the sensation of falling but love heights
i'm talented at lying and beating people up and acting innocent
it's best to stay away from me
i seem emotionless and i am
i will not cry if you die unless you had owed me a favor or something like that
i am good at arguing and being stubborn
i am a person that is not affected by your screaming
if i am wearing a long dark black coat, run as fast as hell and hope as hard as hell i wasn't coming for you.
i have no pity
I am wondering why you are reading this
archery, architechture, art; sculpture, candy, cheese, cheesecake, coffee, doodling, drawing, iceskating, italian ice, manga, painting, sketching, stealing other people's cheesecake